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Dr. Erskine Williams
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Recently I discovered that I have acid reflux and a hiatal hernia. The gastroenterologist told me that I would religiously have to take medicine for the rest of my life to treat the symptoms of the acid reflux problem. He also said that there was nothing that could really be done for my hiatal hernia accept that I should avoid gaining any more weight. The symptoms of the acid reflux and the hernia include chest pain/tightness, and difficulty breathing or swallowing food. Sometimes it includes heartburn. Since I've been regularly seeing Dr. Williams for an adjustment, the symptoms have decreased, and this is without medications. I'm very thankful for Dr. William's care.


My husband and I came to the Memphis area to housesit and visit our daughter and family for a few weeks. The day after we arrived, my daughter and her significant other had an appointment at Physician's 1st Chiropractic Clinic and they took us along. While at the clinic, I asked if the doctors could help me with my swollen knee and leg that I had surgery on and I was in alot of pain. Physician's 1st took me in right away, and Dr. Holliman worked wonders on my knee, leg, ankle , and back. When I left the office that day, I was achy but the pain was gone and the swelling had left me by the next morning.

The next day Dr. Holliman was busy and I saw Dr. Williams. Both doctors used the activator during the adjustments. With having 3 back surgeries, I feel the activator treatments are the best alternative for me. After only 2 weeks of treatment, I continue to be pain free with no swelling.

Dr. Williams said he could also help my husband who had a stroke 9 years ago and has had partial paralysis on the right side and has needed to walk with a cane ever since. My husband had never been to a chiropractor before, but decided to try it. He was X-rayed and then received an activator treatment. When he got up off the table he could walk without his cane and had actually straightened his body into alignment, so he no longer needs the cane. He uses it only when he goes outside or when he does not wear his leg brace, as he is still limited on the one side of his body.

We would recommend chiropractic care to everyone who is over 60 years of age and having pain or other health problems.


Charles and Judy D.


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